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Bachelor Programme In Computer Science Engineering

Course Code BCSE1801- 40 Course Duration 4 years / 3 years for Lateral Entry.
Total Marks 4000 Total Credits 160
Eligibility 12th with PCM / 10th plus 3 Yrs. Diploma Engineering.
Lateral Entry

: Student with 10th plus 3 Yrs. Diploma Engineering course in relevant trade is    eligible for lateral entry in 3rd semester of Bachelor Programme In  Computer Science Engineering

Total Fee : Rs 55,000/-
SEMESTER I CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BCSE1801Applied Mathematics - I1004
  2BCSE1802Communication English1004
  3BCSE1803Engineering Physics - I1004
  4BCSE1804Engineering Chemistry - I1004
  5BCSE1805Computer Fundamental1004
SEMESTER II CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BCSE1806Applied Mathematics - II1004
  2BCSE1807Engineering Physics - II1004
  3BCSE1808Engineering Chemistry - II1004
  4BCSE1809Basics of Engineering1004
  5BCSE1810Information Technology1004
SEMESTER III CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BCSE1811Data Structure & Algorithms1004
  2BCSE1812Circuit Theory & Networks1004
  3BCSE1813Computer Organization1004
  4BCSE1814Digital Electronics& Logic Design1004
  5BCSE1815Principles of Programming Language1004
SEMESTER IV CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BCSE1816Formal Language & Automata Theory1004
  3BCSE1818Principles of Communication Engg1004
  4BCSE1819Advanced Computer Architecture1004
  5BCSE1820Database Management System1004
SEMESTER V CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BCSE1821Microprocessors & Application1004
  2BCSE1822Industrial Exposure1004
  3BCSE1823Computer Graphics1004
  4BCSE1824Java Programming1004
SEMESTER VI CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BCSE1826Operating System1004
  2BCSE1827Microprocessor & Microcontrollers1004
  3BCSE1828Control System1004
  4BCSE1829Computer network1004
  5BCSE1830Environmental Engineering1004
SEMESTER VII CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BCSE1831Software Engineering1004
  2BCSE1832Computer Graphics & Multimedia1004
  3BCSE1833System Software & Administration1004
  4BCSE1834Object Technology & UML1004
  5BCSE1835Language Processor1004
SEMESTER VIII CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BCSE1836Artificial Intelligence1004
  2BCSE1837Visual Programming & Web technology1004
  3BCSE1838Financial Management and accounts1004