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Bachelor Programme In  Electronics Engineering

Course Code : BESE1501- 40 Course Duration 4 years / 3 years for Lateral Entry.
Total Marks 4000 Total Credits 160
Eligibility 12th with PCM / 10th plus 3 Yrs. Diploma Engineering.
Lateral Entry

: Student with 10th plus 3 Yrs. Diploma Engineering course in relevant trade is    eligible for lateral entry in 3rd semester of Bachelor Programme In  Electronics Engineering

Total Fee : Rs 55,000/-
SEMESTER I CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BESE1501Applied Mathematics – I1004
  2BESE1502Communication English1004
  3BESE1503Engineering Physics – I1004
  4BESE1504Engineering Chemistry – I1004
  5BESE1505Computer Fundamental1004
SEMESTER II CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BESE1506Applied Mathematics - II1004
  2BESE1507Engineering Physics - II1004
  3BESE1508Engineering Chemistry - II1004
  4BESE1509Basics of Electronics Engineering1004
  5BESE1510Information Technology1004
SEMESTER III CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BESE1511Engineering Drawing1004
  2BESE1512Electric Circuits1004
  3BESE1513Linear ICs and Applications1004
  4BESE1514Analog Communication1004
  5BESE1515C++ and Data Structures1004
SEMESTER IV CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BESE1516Linear Integrated Circuits1004
  2BESE1517Switching Theory1004
  3BESE1518Microprocessors & Applications1004
  4BESE1519Signal and Systems1004
SEMESTER V CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BESE1521Communication System1004
  2BESE1522Numerical Analysis And Computer Programming1004
  3BESE1523Transducers & Signal Conditioning1004
  4BESE1524Computer Network Engineering1004
  5BESE1525Satellite Communication & Broadcasting1004
SEMESTER VI CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BESE1526Control Systems Engineering1004
  2BESE1527Electromagnetic Theory and Waveguides1004
  3BESE1528Electron Devices1004
  4BESE1529Transmission Lines and Networks1004
  5BESE1530Environmental Engineering1004
SEMESTER VII CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BESE1531Digital Signal Processing1004
  2BESE1532Pulse and Digital Circuits1004
  3BESE1533Electronic Circuits1004
  4BESE1534VLSI Design1004
  5BESE1535Optical Communication System1004
SEMESTER VIII CodeSubject NameMax MarksCredits
  1BESE1536Operations Research1004
  2BESE1537Product Development and Launching1004
  3BESE1538Engineering Economy & Financial Management1004